KNDS News Updates Get the latest news from the KNDS news department Students Running For State House: Robert Lauf JOSEPH RAVITS | THE SPECTRUM North Dakota State senior Robert Lauf discusses his campaign and time as a Bison in the Memorial Union.JOSEPH RAVITS | THE SPECTRUM
North Dakota State senior Robert Lauf discusses his campaign and time as a Bison in the Memorial Union.

Election Day is less than two weeks away, and North Dakota State has two Bison on the ballot this fall. Today, The Spectrum talks with Robert Lauf.

Like his great-great-grandfather did decades ago, Robert Lauf is campaigning for state legislature.

While he never met Fred Krause Jr., a state senator from Hazen, N.D., Lauf holds more similarities with his elder than just a bloodline.

Both come from rural areas in North Dakota – Lauf hails from Mayville, N.D., population: 1,905 – and both identify as Republicans.

This fall, Lauf is vying for a seat in the North Dakota House of Representatives. He and his running mate, NDSU student Lucas Paper, are campaigning for District 21.

They face Mary Schneider and incumbent Kathy Hogan for the popular vote on Nov. 4.

Fourth-generation Bison

Lauf is a senior at NDSU double-majoring in economics and political science.

He has been associated with many organizations at NDSU.

Lauf is a Delta Tau Delta brother, a member of the Blue Key Honor Society and a Bison Ambassador, among other groups.

Student government, however, was the calling that Lauf said he found. He became involved shortly after he moved into Churchill Hall as a freshman.

“That became my passion during my time at NDSU,” Lauf said.

Luke Brodeur, who, at the time was the student government financing executive, discovered Lauf was interested in getting involved.

He reached out to Lauf, which still befuddles him.

“I still to this day do not know how he knew (I was interested),” Lauf said.

Lauf’s illustrious career in student government included stints as student senator, executive of government relations and the 2013-14 student body president.

Lauf, a fourth-generation Bison, called last year “the best of his life.”

To read more on Lauf's campaign, platform and life, check out The Spectrum.

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Plains Art Museum Extending Art and Education Mission "Art Boom: The Tri-College Faculty Art Show" at the Plains Art Museum has opened the doors in the realms of commentary among educators and students in the artistic environment.

That dialogue will be taken one step further when faculty members from each university participate in an event titled "Art School 3.0: An Artful Happy Hour."

"Art School 3.0" takes place at 6 p.m. on Tuesday at the Plains Art Museum. All members of the public are encouraged to join.

“We’re hoping that students at the high school and college level interested in studying art will join us,”said Amy Richardson, museum director of communications.

The event begins with a complimentary beverage and conversation amongst attendees, then follows with a moderated talk lead by museum director and CEO Colleen Sheehy.

Chair members and faculty from each university’s art department including Michael Strand of North Dakota State, Peter Schultz of Concordia College and Kelli Sinner of Minnesota State University Moorhead will be the necessary educational additives to the discussion.

“Given that this is the first time that the art faculty from all three universities in Fargo-Moorhead have been shown together, we thought the show provides a good context to find out more about how each of the art departments approaches the education of artists," Sheehy said.

Questions such as, “What is an artist in the 21st century?” or “How does your program, its curriculum and faculty, prepare students to be 21st-century artists?” will be posed. Audience inquisitions and comments are additionally welcome.

As mentioned, the discussion is currently a one-time occasion based off of the current tri-college exhibition. However, if public interest is high, more similar events could be scheduled in the future. Both the show and the talk is filling its purpose of celebrating local art and artists whilst highlighting the necessary components of public art education.

To find the event's when, where, price and general information, go to the Spectrum.

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HungerU Fights to 'Give Hunger an Expiration Date' JOSEPH RAVITS | THE SPECTRUM NDSU student Kyle Tasler spins the wheel at the Hunger U booth with the help of volunteer Tracie Schiebel.





NDSU student Kyle Tasler spins the wheel at the Hunger U booth with the help of volunteer Tracie Schiebel.

BY: Camille Forlano 

HungerU, a traveling tour spreading the message of ending world hunger, made a stop on North Dakota State’s campus last week.

The program parked its high-tech trailer on the corner of Albrecht and Centennial Boulevards Thursday and Friday.

Members of HungerU dedicate their time by connecting with college students and sharing the story of modern agriculture’s role in tackling world hunger.

Using interactive maps and tests, HungerU drew crowds.

The tour is visiting college campuses throughout the country in hopes to spark conversation with students about how today’s farmers are helping feed a hungry world.

“Modern agriculture is the way in which the world eats,” HungerU website said. “And because of abundant natural resources, significant investment in private and public agricultural research and the most advanced agricultural technology in the world, U.S. agriculture is the most important player.”

The program hopes to “educate, discuss and empower,” according to their website, with the intention to “give hunger an expiration date.”

The HungerU tour set up includes an area for students to test their knowledge and read facts on food scarcity and spin a prize wheel. With every completed survey, HungerU donates one meal to a family in another country.

HungerU donates the food through another program called Stop Hunger Now. In collaboration, the programs currently send food to over 65 countries.

“It’s a good eye opener,” Natalie Roth, an NDSU student, said. Roth was one of many who completed the HungerU challenge.

Although their main focus is on global hunger, the program also handles the challenge of feeding people her in the U.S.

A goal is to educate students about how critical modern agriculture is in the role of putting food on tables every day.

The HungerU representatives come from agriculture backgrounds across the U.S. and hope to inspire other agriculture students to get involved in the fight against hunger.

“We have a global focus, but we hit home too,” Tracee Schiebel, a HungerU crew member, said.

The program intends to keep the conversation of food scarcity prevalent in order to keep it an important topic on people’s minds.

Bo/David Williford, another crew member, said he joined the HungerU crew to “make a difference.”

The crew also invites people with an interest in nutrition and marketing to join the HungerU crew’s mission in the fight against world hunger.

If students missed HungerU’s stay at NDSU, crew members said students can still take the challenge on their website and donate a free meal to a hungry family in need.

To see statistics on hunger in America, check out the Spectrum.

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Lucas Paper Running for State House Election Day is less than two weeks away, and North Dakota State has two Bison on the ballot this fall. Today, The Spectrum talks with Lucas Paper.

Lucas Paper is a senior majoring in political science with a business administration minor. He helps people find their dream homes as a buyer’s agent’s assistant for Hatch Realty. Paper is also running for the North Dakota House of Representatives seat in District 21, up for vote Nov. 4.

Paper is running with fellow NDSU senior and political science major Robert Lauf for the two contested seats held by Democratic incumbents Steve Zaiser and Kathy Hogan.


Involved in Delta Tau Delta, THON ND and other organizations at NDSU, Paper has kept his plate full as a student.

“Every semester I tell myself ‘I’m going to be less busy; I’m going to be less busy,’ but it never happens,” Paper said. “It’s fueled by a lot of coffee and Red Bull, but it’s always fun.”

Paper received the Republican nomination last spring with Lauf. The two will try to defeat incumbents Zaiser and Hogen, who have served District 21 for 12 and five years in the House, respectively.

Balance is essential in maintaining school, work and campaigning efforts afloat, Paper said.

“There’s 18 working hours in a day,” Paper said. He said he uses all of them to the last minute, campaigning continuously.

Door knocking is a time-consuming yet rewarding task, Paper said. He, Lauf and State Senate candidate Cindy Pfeiffer challenged one another to knock on every constituent door before the election.

Paper said he and Lauf have knocked on 4,000 doors, some of which hold extra sentiment for Paper.

Growing up in District 21, Paper said it is interesting to go and ask old neighbors for votes.

The Fargo South High School graduate said sometimes people are surprised that he is running for office.

Although politics do not run in Paper’s family, he said that it was his calling to serve.

To read more about Paper's platform and personal life, click here.

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Rocking 'Rocky Horror' at Island Park BY: JACK DURA

Music Theatre Fargo-Moorhead has just what the doctor ordered for this time of year: “The Rocky Horror Show,” the cult classic film’s stage adaptation that sweeps across The Stage at Island Park these next two weekends.

Bringing together 20 performers onstage for the time-warpin’ good time, “Rocky Horror” sees a nice mix of old and new with this show as MTFM has added its own touch to this 40-year-old story.

“We’re definitely not doing a cookiecutter cut of the movie,” director Christopher Damlo said. “Essentially, our concept is it’s going to be a rock and roll show, like a real rock and roll floor show.”

With plenty of music to make this happen (who doesn’t like “Time Warp” or “Sweet Transvestite?”), MTFM adds its own touch to costumes stylized after rock ‘n’ rollers from the ’70s onwards. It’s a fresh take on some old gold that has had generations of followers.

“There’s gonna be some recognizable stuff, some new stuff and hopefully people really appreciate that,” Damlo said.

To the pleasure of “Rocky Horror” diehards, MTFM has scheduled three midnight showings of the musical, running around before, after and on Halloween. Come dressed in costume and time warp along with the actors, but leave the props and water guns at home because MTFM provides these trinkets.

To get the when, where and price, read on here.

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Ole and Lena's Pizzeria Expanding to West Fargo BY: DELANEY FREER
The “Hazel’s Peanut Butter Delight” from Ole and Lena’s Pizzeria in Fargo is not one’s normal pizza.
It contains peanut butter, a four cheese blend, pepperoni and jalapenos. Uff-da!

This Norwegian-Italian restaurant, currently located within the West Acres Mall in Fargo, is expanding to West Fargo on Oct. 27.

“We’re expanding into West Fargo because it’s still a growing and developing city,” said Lexi LeDoux, NDSU student and assistant manager of Ole and Lena’s Pizzeria. “What better fit for a new location than one that will grow right alongside with our brand?”

Ever since owner Shane Balken opened the West Acres location in March 2012, he planned to expand to a full sit-down restaurant with a bar and delivery service but could never find the right timing — until now.

Balken graduated from North Dakota State in 1995 with a bachelor’s in mass communication and public relations. He then joined the Air Force ROTC program as a public affairs officer for 12 years.

From 2005 to 2007, Balken returned to NDSU to work on his master’s in marketing. Halfway through his program, the Air Force approved him to leave the service. Balken spent the last half of his school year focusing on his business plan. His final project, instead of a thesis, was actually an extended pizza plan for Ole and Lena’s Pizzeria.

To read more about Ole and Lena's founding and the new West Fargo address, click here.

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Julie Fowlis Slated at MSUM


Minnesota State University Moorhead sees a Scottish songstress and Disney soundtrack voice grace its stage this Thursday as part of its Cheryl Nelson Lossett Performing Arts Series.

This is Julie Fowlis, who brings the traditional Gaelic tunes of Scotland in her concert with husband Éamon Doorley and band members Tony Byrne and Duncan Chisholm. It’s another cultural flavor that fits the aim of this art series: to showcase the most diverse artists and performances for area audiences.

“We haven’t had anything like this as long as I’ve been working on the series,” Rebecca Sundet-Schoenwald, managing director of the arts series, said. She added that a local interest in such music exists and Moorhead’s Hjemkomst Center supports it with its Celtic Festival.

To U.S. audiences, Fowlis is perhaps best known for her role on the soundtrack of Disney Pixar’s animated film “Brave.”

Read more at The Spectrum

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Putting a Face on Tragedy and a Cause

The pain is still present for Lynn Mickelson as he stood by the dismantled vehicle displayed Wednesday near Shepperd Arena on what was becoming a sunny fall afternoon.

Mickelson said he remembers the date down to the hour, recalling the two highway patrolmen who visited Mickelson’s house to inform his family of the car wreck.

The Deutscher family consisted of Aaron, Mickelson’s pregnant daughter, Allison and one-and-a-half-year-old Brielle. The family was traveling in their 2009 Subaru Forester to a family reunion in Bismarck. They never arrived.

An intoxicated man with a blood-alcohol concentration of .25 was driving his pickup east in the westbound lanes of I-94 near Crystal Springs, N.D. when the wreck happened.

“I don’t care to call it an accident,” Mickelson said. “... What happened was a wreck.”

Silver Linings

On Wednesday, Mickelson spent his time visiting with students and staff passing by the vehicle in which his family died.

He does so to raise awareness and to “put a face” on the accident.

“This isn’t just another drunk-driving exhibit,” Mickelson said. “It’s not a show-and-tell project – my family died in there.”

Mickelson said he tries to travel with the Deutscher exhibit as often as he can. The wreckage travels around the Fargo-Moorhead region, often frequenting high school dances and community gatherings.

It is changing lives, Mickelson said.

He referred to multiple instances where he was notified by former alcoholics that they had changed their ways after seeing the exhibit and hearing about the tragedy.

“The silver lining is … if we get to one person to change their plans (to drink and drive),” Mickelson said. “Then it is worth it.”

Read more about Mickelson's campaign and what the university is doing about drunk driving at

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NDSU BIG Event a BIG Success Photo Courtesy of NDSUNews

NDSU held its annual BIG event on Thursday, April 24. More than 700 NDSU students volunteered for the BIG event. They worked a total of 1,402 hours at 38 nonprofits, three churches and 40 private homes. 

The national day of service was originally started by Texas A&M in the 1980s and has grown ever since.

This is NDSU's 6th year participating, with their first coming in 2009. 

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Walseth Named Women's Basketball Coach

Photo Courtesy: Josh Francis | The Spectrum

NDSU held a press conference to officially announce Maren Walseth as the new head women’s basketball coach Thursday.

The initial announcement came on Monday, one day before Carolyn DeHoff’s resignation became official. Walseth will be the 10th women’s basketball coach in NDSU history.

Director of women’s athletics Lynn Dorn said Walseth was an option from the beginning, but the biggest challenge was getting access to her to have the conversation.

“It was never because we didn’t know who we wanted, it was because of the success and the continuation of her program (in the postseason),” Dorn said.

President Dean Bresciani also spoke to the media [...]

For the full story CLICK HERE or visit 

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